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How to Register for CSTE Classes

Steps to Register for CSTE Classes

All CSTE class registrations are handled online by MyCary.org. To register for CSTE classes, you must:

  1. If needed, Join MyCary to create a MyCary.org account.
  2. If needed, Login to MyCary to log into your account.
  3. Find our classes using the search link, CSTE Classes at MyCary (see tips below for more detail and alternatives).
  4. Select (a.k.a., queue) classes using the "Select" button.
  5. Add the selected/queued classes to your "Shopping Cart" via the "Select Participants & Add to Cart" button (near bottom)."
  6. Promptly, click the 🛒 (i.e., cart in the upper right) to pay your fees and complete registration.

Use the "Help & FAQs" button at the bottom of MyCary.com pages as needed.

If necessary, visit the Senior Center in person
or call 919-469-4081 to get registered.

Tips for Finding CSTE Classes on MyCary.org

Avoid frustration with these tips to find our classes on MyCary.org:

  1. Use this CSTE class search link, CSTE Classes at MyCary, which presents all our classes.
    • Bookmark the search link in your web browser for convenient reuse (however it regularly changes).

  2. Or, visit MyCary.org Programs and then:
    • type "computer" into the "Search by Keyword or Program Id" box, and press Enter, or
    • select "Computer Learning" in the "SUBCATEGORY" menu, and click "Search".
  • Always, within the search results, click every "More Programs" box to see hidden classes.
  • When you find a class and wish to register, click the "Login to Register" if not logged in or "Select" to begin registration.