CSTE Advisory Committee

The committee’s mission is to make recommendations to the Board of Directors related to our CSTE curriculum, preview new presentations and make constructive suggestions for teaching our programs.

The committee will have no specific authority to make changes to curriculum or CSTE programs.

The committee will be made up of 7 volunteering CSTE members, senior experienced volunteers and recommended newer volunteers. The following volunteers have agreed to participate:

  • Joe Gelm, Committee Chair and Board Member
  • Dave Cree, Board Member
  • Bill Park, Board Member
  • Leila Moog, Board Member
  • Amitava Sen, Board Member
  • 2 additional CSTE volunteers to be appointed by Darryl Mills, CSTE President

The first committee meeting will be held at the Cary Senior Center in January, 2020 with future meetings to be determined by the committee and scheduled by the committee chair. All meetings will be open to all CSTE volunteers. The committee will:

  • Analyze our current student population and attempt to identify our target audience.
  • Suggest complexity ratings of our programs to help students to choose classes that they feel confident and comfortable sighing up for and senior center staff for recommending (ie: introductory, more difficult, prerequisites, advanced and very technical).
  • Offer suggestions to curriculum developers to target their intended student level.
  • Welcome new volunteers to participate in order to help them become comfortable with getting more involved to develop, document, coach and teach our classes.

All classes are
held at the
Cary Senior Center
120 Maury O'Dell Place


Sponsored by
Town of Cary,
North Carolina,
Parks, Recreation and Cultural Resources