All classes are held at the Cary Senior Center, 120 Maury O'Dell Place, 919-469-4081

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July and August 2021 Schedule of Classes

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July 2021 In-Person Tech Classes

Name Course #
Days Starts-
Time Sessions Instructor
Gmail: The Basics and Beyond
Explore the many features of Gmail! Discover how to format an email, organize your messages using folders (labels), generate a mail group, block a sender, add a contact, insert an emoji in your message, add an attachment, and more. Must bring Gmail password to both classes.
Computer lab Tue, Thu Jul 13, 15 9:30a-noon 2 Leila Moog
Cutting the Cable
Are you frustrated with ever increasing cable TV bills? Have you wondered if there are ways to reduce your cable TV expense while getting the programs you want to watch? This seminar will give you some ideas on alternatives to cable TV.
302 Wed Jul 14 9:30a-noon 1 Bob Monscko
Introduction to Genealogy
This class will demonstrate genealogy programs and software that will enable people to set up a family tree and search for other relatives using a combination of free and paid programs.
302 Wed Jul 15 9:30a-noon 1 Bonnie Nilsen
Talking to your Electronic Devices
Emerging artificial intelligence (AI) introduced the use of voice-driven devices to many electronics and even automobiles. This class will introduce you tomany of these technologies and how to begin to make use of them to make life simpler.
302 Mon Jul 19 9:30a-noon 1 Joe Gelm
Apple Watch
Learn the basic functions of the latest personal technology from Apple as well as helpful tips and tricks. The course will also cover the new medical advances of the latest version which include a one lead EKG and fall detection. Stay connected, stay safe!
302 Wed Jul 21 9:30a-noon 1 Duane Reaugh
How Does a Smart Home Work?
Smart technology has taken the world by storm. This is your chance to gain a better understanding of these devices and ask your specific questions. This class will discuss 'Internet of Things', what it means, what it is, and how it impacts our lives going forward.
302 Thu Jul 22 9:30a-noon 1 Fill Bowen
Linux…a free, safe, secure computer operating system alternative to Windows and Apple systems.
Those wishing to reinvigorate an old desktop or laptop will find the Linux way in this class. Linux runs more efficiently than Windows, and Linux and most of its apps are free. For the tech-savvy, but not Linux proficient, this class is your Linux quick starter guide.
302 Mon, Wed Jul 26, 28 9:30a-noon 2 Joe Defenderfer

August 2021 In-Person Tech Classes

Name Course #
Days Starts-
Time Sessions Instructor
Introduction to iCloud
What is iCloud? It is a service from Apple for securely syncing and storing many kinds of data and documents among multiple devices, including your iPad, iPhone, iPod and PCs running Mac OS or Windows. Learn how to setup your account and start using.
302 Wed Aug 4 9:30a-noon 1
Controlling Your Online Identity
Learn how to protect your computer from viruses and other malicious programs. You will also learn about Firewalls and other protective measures you can take to keep your computer system safe!
302 Wed Aug 10 9:30a-noon 1
Google Earth
From the comfort of your computer chair, discover the excitement of traveling to interesting places! Using the free Google Earth software included with your Google or Gmail account, find your neighborhood, your home, your friends' homes, and explore the world.
Computer Lab Wed/Fri Aug 11, 13 9:30a-noon 2
Personalize Your Windows 10 Computer
Learn to personalize your preferences on your computer. Discover how to: create shortcuts on your desktop, taskbar and start menu; change the background of your desktop; modify colors; set a screensaver; change mouse settings; enlarge text; and more!
Computer Lab Thu Aug 12 9:30a-noon 1 Leila Moog
Introduction to Libre Office
Libre Office is a free alternative to other popular paid software options. This Microsoft Office-compatible suite includes your standard office programs for word processing, presentations, creating spreadsheets, and more! Learn how to obtain Libre Office in this class.
Computer Lab Mon-Thu Aug 23-26 9:30a-noon 4 Jerry Lech
Deep Dive: Chromebook
Explore Google Chromebooks' full range of capabilities in this comprehensive class targeted at existing Chromebook owners. We lightly cover purchasing strategies. In detail we cover using: shortcuts, gestures, web browser, addon software, running apps and more!
302 Tues, Thu Aug 24,26 9:30a-noon 2 Joe Defenderfer
Introduction to Android Tablet
The Google Android operating system is affordable and easier to use than computers for many applications. Examples are: Reading, EMAIL, Calendar, Taking Pictures, Video phoning and many more activities. Learn how to manage your tablet and applications.
302 Mon Aug 30 9:30a-noon 1

All classes are
held at the
Cary Senior Center
120 Maury O'Dell Place


Sponsored by
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North Carolina,
Parks, Recreation and Cultural Resources