Excel 1

5 classes

Excel is a very comprehensive and popular spreadsheet program that will help you to organize, format, and calculate numerical data. It is part of the MS Office applications suite, which you may purchase separately for use at home. This course will provide in-depth information about the functions of Excel and will explore techniques and ideas for creating Excel spreadsheets that are useful for seniors. You can record and analyze data about such diverse topics as money management, budgets, taxes, investments, bills, hobbies, and even games like Sudoku. A Flash Drive is required for this class.

Excel 2

3 classes

Microsoft Excel is a powerful software program for summarizing and analyzing data. This course will provide information on linking data, creating charts, graphs, pivot tables and summary reports from data stored in Excel. It will also provide search and analysis functions and tools that work on tables of data for generating special insights into large volumes of data. To take this course, you should have completed Excel 1 or be familiar with designing spreadsheets; entering and copying text, numbers and functions; formatting text, numbers and dates; creating centered headings and wrapped text; formatting cell borders and fill backgrounds. A Flash Drive is required for this class.