Computer Skills 1 for Windows 10: 6 sessions

Let's explore and learn the basics of Windows 10 in this new essential class! This course introduces you to the basics of computing and provides extensive practice using the mouse and the keyboard. You are introduced to and use the WordPad and the Paint applications programs. This course is intended for those with minimum or no experience using a computer. A student Flash Drive is needed.

Computer Skills 2 for Windows 10: 4 sessions

This course will teach you how to organize and manipulate all kinds of files and folders (documents, pictures, music, etc.) so that you can easily retrieve them. You will also gain an understanding of accounts and privilege in Windows 10. You can customize the look of the computer for each account user. We will also teach you the workings of Windows 1 "Start Menu" and the new File Explorer. A student Flash Drive is needed.

Computer Skills 3 for Windows 10: 5 sessions

This class is for those who have mastered basic Computer Skills 1 and 2 (or have equivalent experience). We will discuss searching the internet with search engines such as Bing, using Gmail and setting up an account, and basic MS Office applications including: Word (word processing), Power Point (slide show presentations), and Excel (basic spreadsheets). A student flash drive is needed.